Branding Session: Turtle Leaf Condo


This branding session was done for our AirBnb listing. Airbnb listing photos are different than standard Real Estate photography. In both cases, high-quality images are essential. However, the approach and focus differ slightly depending on the intended audience and purpose of the photos.

Listing Photos for Airbnb:

  • Purpose: Listing photos for Airbnb are meant to showcase the property, attract potential guests, and convince them to book.
  • Emphasis on experience: These photos aim to highlight the experience and atmosphere guests can expect during their stay, emphasizing comfort, uniqueness, and amenities.
  • Room staging: Airbnb listings often incorporate more elaborate staging, with attention given to small details that make the space feel welcoming and personalized.
  • Lifestyle and locality: In addition to showing the property, Airbnb photos may also include nearby attractions, local experiences, and unique features of the neighborhood to entice guests.
  • Differentiate from competitors: Since Airbnb is a competitive platform, it’s important to make the listing stand out by showcasing specific selling points or unique features of the property.

Branding Real Estate Photos:

  • Purpose: Real estate photos are usually taken for marketing purposes, aiming to showcase the property and attract potential buyers or renters.
  • Focus: These photos focus on the property itself, highlighting its features, architecture, and overall appeal.
  • Aesthetic: The visuals should be clean, professional, and well-lit to present the property in the best possible way.
  • Room staging: Real estate photos may showcase the rooms empty or minimally staged to allow viewers to imagine their own furniture and personal style in the space.
  • Detail-oriented: The focus is on capturing the whole property, including exterior views, different rooms, and essential amenities.