Kelz has always been a way to express my creative desires. I love to capture the little moments you might miss if you stick to posed shots.

My husband and I live in Chartlotte, NC with our two dogs to Charlotte, NC. We enjoy everything that South has to offer from the crisp mountain air to the sounds of the waves along the shore. Follow our adventures on the blog as I rarely go anywhere without our cameras.

I am so glad you are here!

I'm Kelly, photographer, WIFE,Dog mother and seeker of beautiful moments.

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I am a true wanderlust at heart. Of course this year has put a damper on most everyone's travel plans; we have had the benefit to have our RV to stay self-contained. I can't wait to get back to normal traveling and exploring. 

Want to book us for a travel destination - let's go! I am always up for a new adventure and capturing those precious moments in different locations. 

traveling makes me oh-so-happy

My husband (Blake) has turned his interest in photography into another full-time business for our family. He runs our Real Estate photography company in addition to be a full-time Realtor. He will occasionally join me on shoots as a second shooter. It is great that we can enjoy the love for photos together. Plus, he is more willing to agree to my crazy ideas to go to the mountain tops just for holiday photos. 


It was important to me when we decided to move that we still had some sort of seasons. Settling in Charlotte has been that perfect balance for us. We get away from the harsh winters but don't get the extreme heat that the areas south of us get. Charlotte was also a middle point for both sides of our family. 

Fall is my Favorite SEASON

When two children are born within 12 months of each other, people often referred to them as "Irish twins." And when three children were born to the same mother within three years, they were called "Irish triplets." 

I am a twin (Jan babies) and my younger brother was born November of that same year. 

I Am a irish triplet!

I am definitely a coffee addict. I will most likely have a coffee with me or right before a shoot. 

 I have done multiple Whole30s over the last few years and key-lime pie and cheese are the my biggest misses during those times. True cheesehead to a fault growing up in Wisconsin. While I have found a great key-lime protein ball recipe - cheese substitutes are just not the same. 

i could survive on Key-lime PIE & Coffee. and Cheese. is that bad?






Let's Get Personal

fun Facts About Me!

Fun facts

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I truly believe in capturing the in-between moments so in a session with me you will hear the shutter clicking almost constantly. Will I deliver all those images - absolutely not - no one wants those awkward faces. Doing this does allow me to get genuine smiles in-between moments laughing at yourselves, etc. 

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy