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Personal Brand Photography is telling the story of your brand with high-quality imagery that aligns with your audience. By creating a cohesive online presence, you will develop a stronger social media following, captivate your audience, and grow your conversion rates. This is accomplished through understanding your brand and strategically creating a bank of strong imagery that allows your website and Instagram to stay on-point and always looking fresh. 

Engaging imagery crafted for the discerning entrepreneur.

Personal Brand Photography

 A brand only has a few seconds to make a lasting impression 

Technically, no. I do have a small in-house "studio" that I will use on a occasion for life style sessions. I do not have studio lights you will find in most studios as I specialize in Lifestyle photography. Sessions can take place either on location or in your home.

I specialize in lifestyle photography, meaning capturing natural moments and expressions. While I will always take pose shots first I love to capture those in-between moments. 

Most importantly, wear something that you feel comfortable in! When you are comfortable, you're happy! And when you're happy and comfortable, your images will be even better! If you're in a family session, I do caution against being too matchy-matchy and to try to stay away from typical everyone wear white shirts and blue jeans or everyone wear the same shirts. Those don't allow you to express who you are as a fun-loving individual. Still hung up on what to wear? Let's chat. 

There are so many options! Is there somewhere special to you or your family? I have a few locations that I love, but we will work together on a location that is right for you. I love to tailor my sessions around my clients. 

Weather can always be un-predictable. We can work together, whether it be an in-home session in your home or another location. We can brave some weather situations (heavy rain is out of the question, though). We can work together for a suitable option, which may include rescheduling. 

Absolutely! I'd love to discuss options with you.  

Most sessions yield about 50-60 proof images. Elopements are based on package. 

Within 10-14 days of your portrait session, your gallery will be online to view. Your gallery link will be delivered via email.